Overtime || Puck and Rachel


Puck turns his eyes back to the tv to see the hockey players coming back on the ice. He sighed, looking back at his computer, seeing how pissed Rachel was. Overtime could be over quickly - someone just needed to score. He could wait, couldn’t he? Rachel was going to be so pissed. Ugh. He turns it up so that he might be able to hear it in the bedroom before setting his computer to the side and making his way into the bedroom. ¬†Yeah, he could barely hear it, but if a goal happened, he’d known. He makes his way towards the bed.
"Hey gorgeous."
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    [[MORE]] Rachel She didn’t make it a thing. He made it a thing. She totally would’ve let it go if he’d just been a good...
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    [[MORE]] Puck She was going to make this a thing, wasn’t she? The switch in control. He reaches for her wrist, wrapping...